Elder Nissinen

Elder Nissinen

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dear family and friends, 

I apologize for not letting you know I wouldn't be able to email home yesterday. We had Elder Rasband come! 

Elder Rasband is AWESOME!

Let me first set the scene for who was present: 
1) The entire Africa West Area Presidency (Three Area Seventy's) and their wives
2) Ghana Accra Temple President and his wife
3) Ghana Accra and Ghana Accra West Mission Presidents and their wives
4) 300+ missionaries, and
5) Elder Rasband of the Quorum of the Twelve, and his wife! 

That alone was amazing. Just being in their presence was outstanding. Luckily, all of us were able to shake all of their hands yesterday! Elder Rasband was awesome. He has so much love for the missionaries. He talked a lot about the process by which missionaries get their call. It's so cool how divine this mission is for me. Literally, I am exactly where the Lord wants me to be and exactly with who He wants me to be with, right now! Once Elder Rasband got this into our heads, I realized that there is no need to complain, because everything all the way down to my companion is by divine revelation. The critical part is for me to learn WHY I'm here. I've partly grown to understand that one. 

Elder Rasband proposed this question to us: "Who is your most important convert?" He said it was ourselves. I've thought of this much. I am my most important convert. If I go home and haven't changed anything about myself or my relationship with my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and His Gospel, then my mission benefited me but little. Before I can convert anybody, I need to make sure that I myself am converted. 

Well, being in the presence of another Apostle is quite the unique opportunity, of which I am grateful for. 
Outside our apartment yesterday going to Elder Rasband. All the rain is kind of nice, but it gets everything muddy and
 you can't wash your clothes. 

Saturday was one of the best days of my whole mission. The 3 convert baptisms that Elder Madsen and I left from that emergency transfer were baptized Saturday. It was such a special day, seeing them all again and watching them be baptized. It was so cool cause they were baptized by Seth, a recent convert. I couldn't stop smiling the whole program. Elder Madsen got pretty sick again the night before, so he wasn't able to come with me, unfortunately. It was an awesome day that I'll never forget! 

Theresa, Rose, Matthew were all baptized by Seth! What a day, what a day. Rose came late, so she isn't pictured here. These are the two Nigerian Sisters that replaced us. 

My joy was full :)

The rest of last week was similar to the one before: rain, water problems, and normal teaching. I fasted last week that Elder Winborg and I would be a successful companionship. It was one of the hardest fasts I've ever done, but I'm seeing the blessings of it already. We get along great, and are starting to teach in unity. Our teaching pool is big. We've got some work to do! 
I took a bath last Monday on two of these! We ran out of water completely. We still have water problems. I've taken bucket showers for about 10 days now. 
Great to hear everyone is doing well at home and in school. I received the package from Ninny yesterday. I will just say it was quite the treat! Thanks so much! 

Have another great wet week! 

Love always,  Elder Nissinen

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