Sunday, March 27, 2016


Dear friends and family,

Elder Winborg and I are doing great! It's been yet another exciting
week here in Nungua.

One of our focuses is to reach out to less-active members. Because our
ward is new, there aren't many that attend sacrament meeting, but the
membership records is huge. We went with our awesome Bishop Wednesday
afternoon for 4 hours as he showed us several less-active's homes. It
was a great success! Several less-actives attended church yesterday.
In Elder Nissinen's book, having a less-active come back to church is
just as good as a convert baptism!

Our teaching pool continues to grow. Elder Winborg and I worked pretty
hard this week to keep ourselves busy teaching somebody as often as
possible. The work is here to do! I'm familiarizing myself with the
area and ward better. Our ward is called Nungua 3.

The other day our ward mission leader needed help moving his new
mattress home. It was quite the sight seeing two white guys carry a
mattress on their heads down the road! Hopefully you'll be able to see
a little clip of it...

Easter is celebrated here, but I don't think it's anything like home
(chocolate, African Easter Bunny - sorry Jacob - or Cadbury Eggs).
Everyone will probably go to church and have a big party or something
I imagine.

Thanks a lot for the pictures! Jeez you guys have too much fun! Those
are some pretty awesome scenic spots there. A+ on the photography
guys. Hope you guys enjoy having Kimberly over next week. Jacob I give
you permission to drive her in the truck for some time.

7 months yesterday!

Keep having fun as a family, soak it up! Enjoy Spring Break, and most
importantly enjoy Easter. It's amazing that even here in Ghana, one of
the most Christian countries in the world, people don't know that
Christ was resurrected, body and spirit. What a blessing it is to be
able to share that message with those I see. The sky is blue, the
Church is true.

Love always,

Elder Nissinen

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