Monday, March 28, 2016

"Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to Ho I Go"

Dear family and friends, 

Hello! Thanks for all the sweet letters and pictures from Easter. Glad to hear you all had a wonderful time enjoying each other's company these past few weeks. Quick question: was anybody able to bop the Easter Bunny on the nose? Just checking. 

Well, the work has been great here as always. I received a call from the mission office yesterday afternoon. I'm being transferred to Ho, an area about 3 hours away from where I am now. It's one of the farther places in the mission. I will be serving with Elder Effiong, a Nigerian and finish his 2nd half of training. I will also be a District Leader there.  Yeah it's going to be sweet. Like this is where villages and huts and things are.  I am over 4 of us guys, maybe 6? I make sure companionships are doing well, and I receive all their weekly numbers and send them to the Zone Leaders. I lead district council meetings and other things. it's not bad, but it's a bit of responsibility. I don't feel ready for it in a new area and all. but I believe I'll be in the bush for a while, so it'll be sweet.  It was a surprise for sure. I don't know why I'm suddenly going. I've been in Nungua for only like 4 weeks. Elder Winborg and I were getting along great! However, I'm excited for what lays ahead in "the bush". I leave tomorrow afternoon. Cool, huh?
 This morning I was playing a game with those kids in this picture who stay next to us. Their house is so humbling. Our shed in the backyard is nicer. It's just so cool being able to experience that kind of thing.

As for Elder Madsen, he is leaving tomorrow night to get medical help in the States. He'll probably continue his mission in the States after. I will miss Elder Madsen. He's my son! His heart is in serving the Lord, and he'll be blessed with whatever happens to him. I learned a lot from him. 
One of my favorite pictures! At a member's house eating dinner the other night. This lady is my age. I really really liked her! Her personality is something I'll have to remember for when I'm looking for a girl myself when I'm home. 

Easter in Ghana isn't quite much. It's hardly celebrated at all. We had regular church meetings. I just ate some sugary snacks from packages and packed my clothes. I was a bit sad from it yesterday, but I'm over it now. New things in store! Hey Mom! Don't worry about my skin. I was able to get some connections and get a hold of a wide-brimmed hat that I'll now be wearing. I just got fed up with dealing with the burns the other day when my scalp got burnt, causing me to have a migraine for like a full day. So I'm wearing a safari hat from now on! Cool huh?
Massive banku dinner the other night!
Great to hear Jacob and Kimberley are doing well. I need her email address. This letter is suppose to be read by all family and close friends. She fits somewhere in the middle of those two. Congrats on the sweet job Jacob. You're enjoying!! 

Back to school this week huh? Hope everyone does well adjusting back to the normal life. I've been adjusting for a while now too. Take care!
First hamburger in 7 months! Probably the last one too!

By the way, I won't be watching conference next week. I'll be a bit far from the city, so I'm not sure on the accessibility of that one... President said we'll have to wait until October.

Love, Elder Nissinen

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  1. The bush region is great! My son (Elder Grant) went straight from the MTC to Hohoe which is the farthest the church goes in their mission and spent his first 6 months there. It's above Ho but they are in the same Ho zone. Hohoe was a church group turned into a branch while he was there. Hohoe originally only had 1 set of elders but they added a 2nd set just before he transferred back in February. The Ho zone has a senior couple assigned to them and they reside in Ho. They are awesome! They keep an eye on the missionaries. My son loved it in the bush and I think yours will too. I enjoyed the blog.