Elder Nissinen

Elder Nissinen

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Congratulations Bro.

Dear family and friends,

Well I've been dying waiting to see how the big proposal went this week... she said yes! Great job Jacob. Your hard work has paid off. It's pretty hard to believe you are engaged. That's a pretty serious word you know.  Wow!  It's going to be hard not being home for the wedding and parties and stuff, but I'll be looking forward to the letters, and pictures. I've been anticipating today's letters the whole week! That's so crazy he's engaged....


The work is going! Elder Effiong and I are really starting to get a solid feel for the area. I'm becoming more established, and I like that a lot. This Saturday we have a baptism! A boy named Daniel. He's a great kid, and we're excited for him. We have several upcoming baptisms in June/July as well. We're teaching a couple of ladies who are all friends and are seriously committed to the Church. It's super cool seeing people who realize how much the gospel can bless their lives.
After a Zone Training Meeting.... 

I conducted an exchange Friday with the other elders in my district. It was nice going over to another area and encouraging my district members and helping them as best as I can. 
Exchanges with Elder Adodo

Having this calling has helped me be a better example to other missionaries. I'm expected to maintain a higher level of obedience now that others are watching me closely. Other than the baptism this week, we are working towards getting new investigators. It's important that we keep our teaching pool constantly fresh. 

A delicious dinner at Elder Helm's convert's house after his baptism. It's Kenke and has some other stuff in it.

I've been doing some serious "lawn maintenance" on the outside of our house lately. It feels nice doing some landscaping, but I sure miss the luxury of nice tools (mower, rake, etc).  

The washing machine is nice, although it's more rewarding handwashing... so I do both.

Today I have to pick up some trousers I got tailored.. they are getting kinda big on me now. Don't worry mom! Time goes by so fast around here. Hard to believe I've been living on my own away from home for 9 months...
A Kodak moment of the week! 

The letters/videos/pictures this week were awesome! Thanks so much for that. Again, congratulations Jacob on your proposal. I knew my idea would work! Take care everyone and have a wonderful week. 
Keep your eyes out for a letter coming in the mail soon-ish.

Love Elder Nissinen

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