Elder Nissinen

Elder Nissinen

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Did You Say Washing Machine?

Dear friends and family, 

Yep, you heard it! The other day I received a text message from President Heid, informing us that Elder Effiong and I were going to be given a small washing machine as a test-trial for the rest of the mission. The story goes that we are the first missionaries in all of West Africa to be using a washing machine! That includes all of Ghana and Sierra Leone for sure, maybe even more missions in Nigeria. Pretty cool, huh? The washing machine is nice! I don't know how well it works on shirts and things like that yet, but it sure makes washing socks easier!
Barber man went a little happy on my sides last night..
Now I don't feel like the only Ginger in Ghana!

Anyways, the work is still rollin' forward. We've been able to reach out to several less-actives again. It was nice seeing some come to church and even bear their testimony Sunday. People just need to feel loved sometimes, really. We got several new investigators this week also, some we feel are ready for an upcoming baptism!  Our teaching pool is getting really big now, I love that! Elder Effiong and I have crashed on our bikes a couple of times throughout the week, so that's been funny.
Most of these Elders were in our apartment last night. All but 2. 

I'm stoked to hear from you all on Mother's Day! It will be a great time. 

I'll keep this letter short so we have things to talk about. 
The girl who's name is Perfect, invited us to her birthday! She is a great girl.

What it looks like right before a big storm. Heavy wind and very cool. We got soaked! 
By the way, sorry I didn't write yesterday. Our zone had an activity at a beach a few hours away (near the border of Togo), so we got back kind of later in the day. It was also a holiday, so the public cafes were closing.
The drive on the way to the beach. Where we went is Aflao, which borders the country Togo. Far! 

Talk to you Sunday! 

Elder Nissinen

(This is a text I received from one of the couple missionaries serving in Elder B's area.  It's always nice to hear how he is serving and how well he is being taken care by some amazing couple missionaries! This is a picture of Elder and Sister Bondie with Elder B. He said he will miss them a ton)

 "As moms we know how absolutely wonderful our sons are. When someone else sees what we know...it warms our heart:). I want to tell you that my husband and I have seen how incredible your son is! Elder Nissinen is such a hardworking, obedient, patient, thoughtful, mature, and fun young man! We feel so blessed to have him serving in Ho and have this chance to spend time with him. He is a great missionary!" -Sister Bondie.

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