Elder Nissinen

Elder Nissinen

Monday, May 30, 2016


Dear family and friends,

It's been another typical week I suppose. I sure love this area. Everything about it is so fantastic.
We scored SIX investigators at sacrament AGAIN this week! Sunday's for missionaries are the busiest. We're running around in about 20 different directions. Sunday's are also overall my favorite day. There are several people we are teaching who are pretty serious about baptism, which is exciting on our part.
We've been doing a better job of working with the members. It's true: when members and missionaries work together, miracles happen... quicker! Members are there when we aren't. They say what we sometimes can't say (language barrier). They know so many more people than we do. Every member a missionary!
I've been pondering some on my patriarchal blessing. Once I treat it like personal scripture, it means much more than just words. I encourage you to ponder over yours and pray for personal revelation to understand it deeper.
The rain continues to pour here. Yesterday we got a short flash-flood with dangerous wind speed. Many big tree limbs fell across roads, and two large billboards fell down, one of those falling on a truck!
We had a small miracle this week. Remember Daniel right? Well, we got in contact with his uncle, who was really supportive of the baptism. He informed us that Daniel's father was actually not his father. We got on the phone with Daniel's real father, who was super kind and approved of the whole thing. I believe he's even traveling from out of town to come and witness it on Friday. We're really happy that worked out smoothly for us. 
One of our investigators graduated from collage Sunday, so we supported her!
I heard a great quote from a John Bytheway talk the other day that's been sticking in my head. He was quoting somebody and said, "You cannot run away from weakness. You must either fight it out or perish, and if that be so, why not now, and where you stand?" We all have weaknesses, but with the Lord's help, those weaknesses can become strengths. So fight it out! 
We played some tennis today at a nice court! It was fun!

Elder Helm and I

Thanks for all you encouragement and support. Memorial Day huh? Go eat a Frosty and a #1 Combo meal for me. Have fun, and finish the school year strong!
Love, Elder Nissinen

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