Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Third Times a Charm!

Dear family and friends,


We were blessed to have another convert baptism this weekend! About a
month ago, a younger man came to us and wanted to join our church. Now
he's baptized, confirmed, holds the Priesthood, and is inviting his
friends and neighbors to learn more! Conversion is soooooo sweet.
Ernest is a tall guy and I'm not, so getting him entirely immersed
took 3 times, but it worked!

Not the greatest turnout for a baptism, but hey, whatever! It went well actually. Good old Ernest

We've got several investigators who are progressing well. There is one
lady we are baptizing hopefully on the 25th. We've been teaching her
and her two close friends. We're really hoping that her influence will
rub off on the other two and they'll follow her footsteps to the font!

I love teaching the Book of Mormon. The Plan of Salvation used to be
my favorite lesson to teach, but I think I have a new one. We've
taught some interested people about the Book of Mormon, and I just got
really excited about it! When someone understands how significant that
book is, it's quite a life-changing experience. How blessed we are for
having the Book of Mormon be in our lives, many of us being raised on
the stories.

I feel great just about all the time. The other day I wasn't feeling
too good, but I typically feel just fine. I'm always amazed by how
little I eat and how far I can go on it. I can eat a few bananas and
peanuts and it'll last me for several hours.
I made my companion and I a delicious breakfast! Thanks Aunt Ninnie! 

I love being District Leader. My district is great and is becoming
more unified. I want to plan on doing a sweet hike up a mountain with
them soon. Effiong is awesome! I love that guy. We teach in unity and have
fun together.I'm getting to love him more and more. He's
actually a fun guy to be around. I've found that when I lose myself
and serve him, we get along well.
I have a barber cut my hair. He knows what he's doing and does a good
job. All us missionaries go to him.
Played a little bball today with the guys.
 Africans have very little knowledge of how to play the game. It was a hard to teach! 

Can't believe school finishes this week. Good grief. Already you're
enjoying your summer, so I don't have to encourage you to do that.
Cotton candy and a swimming pool? Jeez. Congrats on surviving another
year at Glencoe! One, two, three, SUMMER!

Love, Elder Nissinen

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