Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Dear family and friends,
This week has been great! It's been full of excitement and work.
Our zone made t-shirts 

As you know, we baptized Daniel on Friday. It was a great service. His cousin and uncle even came and enjoyed it. There were lots of members there also to support him. Sunday he got confirmed and later received the Aaronic Priesthood. Something cool about Daniel is that when we first met him, he had no idea how to pray. We had him practice it every day, and now he prays well. 

Another great investigator, Ernest, was scheduled to be baptized on the 18th June. But we talked with him and feel that he's ready to be baptized this coming Saturday! We're excited for him. 
Fast Sunday was great. We went on splits that afternoon cause there were a lot of members missing in church. Our Elder's Quorum President talked about prayer and fasting and mentioned how as he was preparing for the lesson, he thought to himself about how many times he fasts during the year. I asked myself that same question. The Book of Mormon talks about Alma, and how he fasted and prayed many days to know of the truth. We ought to pray and fast more! If we fast every Fast Sunday of the year, that means we do it like 12 or 13 times. There is power in prayer and fasting. We all need more spiritual guidance in our lives. As a missionary that is something that I want to do better at.
Elder Scott is hilarious! 

Yesterday was a multi-zone conference activity. It was a lot of fun to see friends again. President and Sister Heid and the Pace's talked to us. They were stern and direct, but what they said they said it with love. As a mission we need to step it up a bit to receive miracles. I'm appreciative of what was said to us.

Anyways,  I got Ninnie's 3 packages yesterday too. Holy smokes! Thanks soooooo much. I felt very spoiled to have all that. Maple syrup, pancake mix, a mr. goodbar, kit kat, all sorts of awesome stuff!  They were super nice packages and very kind.
 I truly love my mission. Everyday is just such an opportunity to serve.  My mission gets harder but sweeter at the same time. I totally love it. It's so freaking fun! Enjoy your last full week of school! Finish strong. Enjoy the heat! 
My converse were FAKE!

Love Elder Nissinen

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