Elder Nissinen

Elder Nissinen

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Dear Family,

   Attached is my SD card of pictures.  I tried to get a lot of the day-to-day things we do here.  If you've got questions about what some pictures are about don't hesitate to ask.   I hope it gets to you safely.
Anyways, thank you for you emails yesterday!  What's great is that i can print them out and read them over and over.  There's so much to do here in so little time, but we have so much fun here it's always a SPIRITUAL BLAST!!!
On Thursday we taught one of our other investigators.  Her name is Bruna and we teach her every other day.  In "reality", she really our teacher posing as Bruna, but we experience Turns out she loves to sing and, itself is so real.  Anyways, she's kind or a stubborn woman who doesn't think religion is important and God, Christ are a belief that binds people.  Elder H and I wanted to show her God's love for her, so we decided to sing a hymn before we have an opening prayer in our lesson.  Turns out she loves to sing, and I felt inspired to sing " I stand all amazed" in portuguese.  She didn't sing, but as Elder H and I sung, I could tell she was getting emotional- the spirit was there. We didn't talk much after that.  We invited her to pray on her knees out loud about our message and if God is really there.  She said she'd try, but thats a start.  Even though we didn't commit her to baptism, we invited her to feel the spirit, and thats what does the real teaching in people's lives.  It was just and awesome 20 minute experience.
     P-day went great!!! Laundry went as smooth as ever, emailing wasn't much of a problem (except figuring out the pictures), and the Temple we so awesome!!!  My first haircutting appointment went pretty well too!  A lot of Elders complain, but for a 15 min haircut, it wasn't bad at all.  Better than what I could do in an hour, HaHa.  But what's even neater is that some Elders in my district wanted me to fix their sideburns, neckline, and the lines in their hair with my razor!!  haha!!
     Last night was our first TRC- Training resources Center or something like that, it's where volunteer members sit down with missionaries and the have them teach a lesson or share a spiritual thought.  To me, it was a TON of fun!  We laughed with the members as we got to know them, and helped bear and grow their testimonies- all in Portuguese!!!!  I got the SUPER AWESOME FAT PACKAGE from the rest of the Long family- totally rocked my day!!!  My companion and I were laughing the whole time!!! and the rest of our district is pretty jealous. But we'll share all the stuff because heaven know we can't come close to eating all of it in less that 4 weeks.  They really liked the Wendy's  stuff too- great touch!!!
     I am going to try to write all the families in the next day or two and thank them all for their support, thoughts, and love.  I have all the families addresses except Ro's and Bogy's.  So I'll probably send them to our house and you can forward them to them.  I can't believe it's been almost 3 weeks and that school is just around the corner!  What classes and teachers do the kids have? How are piano, soccer, running, and the new job coming along?  I'm excited to hear about your scripture studying and the goals and effort you all have put into studying the scriptures daily!!!  The blessings will continue to be poured out upon you all.  I love you a ton!!!!  Missionary work is fun, hard, and worth every second!!!
It feels great to have badge bearing his name, and that I can testify of the importance and divinity of my calling to be a set apart servant and representative of the Savior.  It's so awesome!!!

                                                                  Your missionary,
                                                                   Elder Nissinen

P.S. I love the bracelets!!!  I wear mine every night to bed.  They're so cool!!! Thank you!!!!

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