Elder Nissinen

Elder Nissinen

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dear Family,

     I'm so glad you got the SD card with no problem.  If you want me to take more pictures (anything in particular), please let me know:)  So about that tree, they show it to all the new missionaries on their first day here.  No one knows why, but you're right! It does smell like butterscotch, cream soda, something like that. It's kind of another of those crazy quirks at the MTC.

     Elder H is a great guy! He's definitely an Alabamian, even though he doesn't have the accent. Just the way he does stuff, you can tell he's Southern. He has a big heavy laugh, and me and him get along great. Every week we have what's called companionship inventory, basically where we smooth out the rough edges in our companionship and see where we could improve.
     I'm learning so many things here at the MTC. Things about the gospel, the language, being a missionary, and being a leader. Now that I'm District Leader, I've learned a lot about working with my district to figure out, set, and achieve goals for the district. On Wednesday, I noticed a missing seam in one of my slack's pockets. So what did I do? With some needle, thread, and 45 minutes, I finally fixed it up as good as I could haha. But it looks good, and you can't hardly notice the stitching, especially if I'm wearing a belt.

     You'll be glad to hear this Mom. I'm so grateful you gave me that small iron you got from Goodwill! These irons here aren't really reliable: water leaks, they've burnt out other elder's shirts, and it flickers on and off. But that little iron is as reliable as ever. I've let others elders in my district use it too. It takes a little longer to iron, but at least there's no gunk that gets on your shirt. And another thing that'll brighten your day, Mom. I'm really glad you made me take that haircutting set. Don't get me wrong, the barbers here do alright, but I've used the different razors to trim necklines that were uneven and to trim sideburns. If I ever have to cut hair in the field, I'll be ready :)

     I heard about everyone's first day of school! It won't be long before everyone is into the outline of things. B, the first week or so of Wendy's is basically video orientation: you watch videos about how to do stuff for HOURS. It get's pretty boring, but hey, you get paid to do it. But you're getting some great hours. 7 to 3?! I wonder what you'll be doing for 3 hours before the place even opens. What does everyone say about you working there after your brother quit? Haha.

     Elder H is like a big fuzzy bear. He has a LOT of body hair, and sweats a lot because of it, but he gives really big hugs. So basically he's like an older brother bear haha. And he's cool and always ready to relax and have fun, which you need if you want to survive the 10 hour study schedule of the MTC :)

     I would record a video of myself, but it's against missionary rules. I could ask my mission president when I get in the field, but I know at least in the MTC, only cameras with the picture function only are allowed. Sorry! But it'll be just a couple of weeks until I can call you from the airport.

     Oh also, I weighed myself again during gym time. Before I left, I weighed 160, and after working out I weighed 157!!! Last time when I weighed myself I had my church clothes on and weighed 164, so it's an improvement! It all starts with cutting out the donuts in the morning- those things are killer! Haha. You'll get this letter after I email you today, but I love getting all your letters and hearing that you're all safe. I love you!!!

Your "missionario",
                                 Elder Nissinen

P.S. "I can take some manners, I can take some cleanin' up, and I can take a bossy mouth. But I ain't about to be to death with no spoon!" -Briscoe Darling (HAHA!)

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