Elder Nissinen

Elder Nissinen

Saturday, September 21, 2013

September 20th

Hi Mom!!!

I'm super excited to go serve in California!!! I saw a picture of my new mission president, President H. He and his wife look like awesome people! I'm so excited to meet them and get right to work :) 

Did you and Dad get my travel info in an email? 

So before Elder H left, there was a 3-some in my district. So after he left, one of the elders in the trio became my companion. His name is Elder A., an 18-year old missionary like me from Texas. He's really cool and really wants to work hard. Our planning meetings and lessons are a lot more efficient and we get a lot done. 

I talked to Elder J. and he and his mom know about calling from airport. He's really excited to go serve in Tulsa OK. From my district, there's two sisters going to Scotsville Arizona (Sisters A and B), two elders and a sister going to Tulsa OK (Elders J. and M and Sister T), one elder going to Eugene OR (Elder V), and two of us going to Rancho Cugamonga (me and Elder J.). We're all leaving within the next few days! We all opened our reassignments together - it was like Christmas!! :) 

Today we did Initiatories at the Temple for the first time as a district - It was a great time!!! After I email I'll start packing. I washed all my clothes already and ironed a lot of it. 

Anyways, hope we can chat whenever you can.


Elder Fuss

PS. Keep an eye out for a package that I'm sending home :)

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