Elder Nissinen

Elder Nissinen

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hi Mom!! 

B looks great in his uniform!!! He'll have a great time working at Wendy's!!
And I love the bracelets too! All the missionaries that I've shown them to, they think it's an awesome idea! :) 
In my room on my desk I put up a few sticky-notes to help me think about missionary work and why I'm here. One of them says, "What Do I Stand For?" The bracelets we had before reminded me to write that. Sometimes missionaries don't follow all the rules, especially the Lights Out rule at 10:30. Some will stay up and talk in the vending machine room for hours after lights out, which make things difficult for everyone else trying to get some sleep. But there's a lot of good elders here who're trying to be obedient.
In my district there's 11 missionaries total, and there's one district leader per district in the MTC, so I'm it! :) There was an elder before me who was the District Leader, but they switch leaders every three weeks so more people can have the chance to serve in a leadership position. 
I'm glad you're always out on the lookout, Mom ;) Sister S. sounds like a really nice person! Where's she from?
We mostly speak English here honestly :P It's hard speaking Portuguese when most of the MTC is speaking English, but for one part of the day (usually the morning or evening classes), our district tries to go on just solid Portuguese.
I'm excited to get the package! Honestly I don't think my room could hold any more sweets haha. Between the four elders in it getting stuff from their families too, no one is every hungry haha. But we share and don't eat a lot of it. Before the MTC I weighed 160, and on Wednesday after working out, I weighed 157! The hardest part is not eating the donuts for breakfast, because those things are really tempting to have in the morning.
If I could've packed more of something to the MTC, I would've packed more athletic socks. Since we wear a pair during gym-time and on P-days, I go through two pairs pretty easy. Whenever you could, if you could send some socks (it doesn't matter which kind), that would be amazing!! Thank you for everything you've done for me!! 
Tell Papa HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Elder Fuss!!! I hope gets a thank-you letter I sent a few days ago for the last big package from the family. I hope he has a great and super fun birthday! I love you Papa!!!!!
Our residence hall is kinda weird lately. Apparently I talk in my sleep and I sleep walk. Every night it's either me or another elder in my room talking or doing something weird in our sleep - funny, huh? I never know what's going on when I sleep. I'm so tired at night that I just crash until the alarm goes off. 
I'll try to send pictures as often as I can. On some computers it doesn't let me, but I'll try everywhere I can. 
If you have any questions about anything, I'd love to answer them! I can't believe I have less than 3 weeks here! Elder S. got his reassignment today: he's going to Oakland/San Francisco California, and he leaves Wednesday!!!
Thank you for replying to my letters, emails, etc. I LOVE hearing from you all!!! There's so much to learn at the MTC, and we're constantly praying for the Spirit, or else we really can't teach. I'm soooooooo grateful for my family!!!! 

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! It won't be long before I call you from the airport!!! 

Elder Fuss

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