Elder Nissinen

Elder Nissinen

Thursday, August 29, 2013

August 25th

Dear Family,

     It was so awesome to hear from you in your last emails!

     So do you remember who Landon was?  He was our first investigator that Elder H and I taught.  And guess what?!  He's actually one of our teachers!  On Saturday morning for classes, we walked into class and there he was all dressed in Sunday clothes and wore a teacher badge.  Turns out he and Irmã H (Sister H) are our teachers!  And his real name isn't even Landon: Landon is the name of one of his investigators while he was on his mission.  So now we're being taught by Irmão H (Brother H!)

     But today was Sunday! Sunday's at the MTC are like "breather-days" where you can take it easy and relax a lot more.

     Tonight a guy named Stephen B. Allen talked to us for our Sunday night Devotional.  He's the Managing Director for the Missionary Department of the church.  He's pretty much the behind-the-scenes guy for the church.  Anyways, he gave an awesome talk about sacrifices and serving with no regrets.  Super talk.  It's so cool we hear from people like this every week, and then from a General Authority on Tuesdays!  I heard that this upcoming session is going to be broadcasted to all the other MTC's, which means that somebody really special is going to speak on the 27th.  I'll let you know how and who spoke.

     Anyways,  another great start to a week at the MTC!  I forgot to tell you, Max got reassigned, and he's serving in Atlanta, Georgia!  Really cool!!

     I hope everything is going well for each of you at home.  How're things going?  Are you all ready for school?  What kind of classes are B and Rosie and Joe taking?  I can't wait to hear from you all.

                                                       Thank you for your love and prayers!

                                                                     I love you all!!!

                                                                                Elder Nissinen

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