Friday, August 30, 2013

August 27th

Dear Family,

     The MTC is awesome!  With every teaching experience, lesson, devotional, and testimony it gets better and better!

     The days are long (over 16 hours of work and study), but the weeks go by so fast!  I can't believe I've already been here 2 weeks.  I hope it doesn't go by too fast, but I can't wait to get out in the field to start the real work. :)

     The MTC is like the 15 minutes before a football game.  You suit up, get pumped up, your coaches give a pep-talk for the battle, and you're off!  In comparison to the 98 weeks or so other weeks, the 6 weeks here feels like a big pep-talk and last bit of training before the game really starts.  The only thing that matters is whose jersey you're gonna wear in this big battle for souls.

     I love having the Spirit here nearly 24/7!  Only in 2 weeks (or less) could a bunch of young men teach gospel principles, pray, read scriptures, study, speak, listen, and testify in a completely different language!  It could only happen under His everlasting power.  We literally see miracles here everyday, and it's super neat!

     I'm excited for the package!! Around here, letters and packages are worth gold for missionaries; they can make a grumpy missionary have the best day ever! :)  Unfortunately I can't use the iPod here- MTC rules, but I'll totally use it when I get in the field.  And i'm excited to see what the bracelets look like!

     I think my expected return date in on July 28th, 2015.  That's what it says on my Ministerial Certificate- the legal card that I always carry with me.  It's something I can ask my mission president when I get to São Paulo.

     Elder M, Elder B, Elder S, and I haven't seen him at all! We're thinking that he's not at our campus, but on the West Campus of the MTC.  They broadcast all the Devotionals to the West Campus, so that's probably where Elder C is.

     My companion and I are doing great!  Elder H is going to São Paulo West like me and the rest of my apartment.  Half my district (about 6 of us) are going West and the other half is North São Paulo.

     The clothes are working out, no problem!  The Choose the Right system really works, and you can bet that my closet's all organized with my shoes, clothes, and ties. :)  They have irons on the sides of the hallways, and whenever a shirt has a few wrinkles or the pleats in my slacks aren't clear, it's pretty easy to iron it out.

     The Portuguese is coming along well!  My problem that I had was just vocabulary words and verbs that I didn't know for the gospel lessons, but once you get the hang of it, teaching just becomes more natural.  And after a couple weeks here, everyone's improved a lot!  Though I'm far from fluent, I think I can communicate myself well enough for being here 2 weeks :)

     The beds are pretty comfortable; they provide sheets, blankets, mattress pads, and pillowcases there, and we just change them out every Thursday morning.  But we're so tired at night we don't care how comfy or uncomfortable our beds are. :)

     Unfortunately, Elder H and I missed out first haircutting appointment on our first P-Day, because of our Temple Session, but we re-scheduled for the Friday the 30th.

     I LOVED your last package!!!  The Plan of Salvation pieces are so neat!! We'll definitely be using it in our lessons!  I love hearing from you all and I miss you so much!

     One last thing, at the MTC books and supplies are really scarce; they barely have enough to go around.  Could you please send me a Portuguese-English pocket dictionary?  Someone either took mine thinking it was their's, or I lost it; I don't know.  But if you could send me one in your next package I would definitely appreciate it!!

     Anyways, I think about you all often and I always miss you.  I pray for comfort in your lives and your safety always.  I believe I have the best family ever. :)

                                                    I'll hear from you soon,

                                                                  Elder Fuss

P.S.   I found this scripture when I was doing my personal study the other day.  I thought it would really apply to us all:  Matthew 19:29.  I read it whenever I'm down or worried, and it helps :)  LOVE YOU!!!

Oh, and what should I do about pictures?  I can send you an SD card in a letter if you want.  Let me know how it'd work best for you! It''s hard to do it through email since I can only send a couple at a time.

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