Saturday, August 31, 2013

"P" day August 30th

Dear Mom,

To Missionaries, letters and packages are the best things in the world to get (besides baptisms haha). I hope you can read my handwriting in my letters. Sometimes I think it's getting worse because there's so much to say in so little time, but it's the coolest thing to hear from home.
I'll send the SD card in my next letter. I'll send it off tomorrow or Monday at the latest. I've taken near 100 pics so far. I carry my camera with me all the time, and I'll take pictures whenever. A lot of my best shots are during our weekly Temple Walks to the Provo Temple. But I'll try to get more of the day-to-day things. 
I got your package on Wednesday!! Thank you THANK YOU!!! I totally knew it was for me, especially since I could name off the individual episodes from the pictures. My district saw the package, and surprisingly quite a few knew what show it was!! They laughed when they saw I had a Barney Fife picture on the back of my name badge. 
Everything's been working out great! After being here two weeks, we know the low-down on how things work here, so it's not so much of a scramble on P-days trying to eat breakfast, write home, and do laundry at the same time. We've got the system worked out now. 
My favorite meal here has to be the mashed potatoes, gravy, and turkey they have about once a week. They've even had Chick Cordon Bleu! The food's pretty good here, and I have no idea how much or if I've even gained any weight. But my clothes still fit :) 
Thank you for getting me a dictionary!! I've had to use my companion's this last week :P
I love you SO MUCH Mom!! Matt 19:29 is one of my favorite scriptures now, and I know that I'm doing the work of the Lord. When I bear my testimony I often bear it on families, and I'm so grateful that our family will be together forever!! I love my family so much!!! And I also love being a missionary.
The Church is true!! Keep up the awesome scripture reading! Blessings are continuing to be poured out upon you.

Your missionary,

Elder Jacob Nissinen

PS I'm getting a haircut today, what sizes should I have them use?
I'm also trying to keep my emails shorter and my letters longer so you can respond before my hour is up.


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