Elder Nissinen

Elder Nissinen

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Letter to Dad August 30th

Dear DAD,

I'm doing great!! Our lessons get better, harder, but more spiritual each time. I love getting everyone's emails, letters, and packages!! And thank you SO MUCH for the last package!! The iPod looks awesome and I saw all the pictures and music you all put on it. It's so cool!! I'll definitely use it out in the field as soon as I can! I also saw the Andy Griffith song that B put on there - SUPER COOL!! :)
I also started reading Our Search For Happiness during my personal study - it's an awesome book!! By the way, did somebody dog-ear a page in it? 
I loved the letters Mama and Papa wrote. What's their house number? I forgot.
I haven't gotten the other package from the family yet, maybe in the next day or two. But I'm excited!! Packages and letters are priceless to missionaries. Every missionary just feels good and uplifted when they hear or get something from home. :)
Those are some cool facts!! I shared them with my district and they thought they were neat too! Keep on sharing them!
Here's some funny and odd things you might not know about the MTC. Every hour during the day the BYU clock tower plays the first couple lines of "Come Come Ye Saints" every hour. In the cafeteria they serve caffeine-free Coke and Diet Coke. During Gym-time, when you play basketball you can't touch the rim or backboard, otherwise you're automatically kicked out for the rest of gym-time for the day. At night, we have what's called Quiet Time at 10:15 and Lights Out at 10:30. At exactly those times, a voice comes over the intercom and says, "10:15. Quiet Time," and it kinda sounds like Satan's voice haha.
I tried the credit card - it works, no problem at all! Thank you so much!!!! I've hardly spent any cash, and on our Blue Cards we get a little bit of money per week which we usually spend on the vending machines and laundry. Tell Grandma I still have that half $5 bill.
That's great for B!! Did he get the job?!? I'll write him and you all soon.
I hope July 28th isn't too late if B leaves earlier. But we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.
Anyways, I'm trying to keep my emails shorter so you can respond quicker. I'll try sending some better pics, and I'll send the SD card home in my next letter.
I Love you!! Thank you for writing me your testimony and conversion story! I'll always keep it close, and I'll look at it often when I may be discouraged about an investigator. Thank you for your example to your family, friends, and me. Your decision to be baptized is one of the big reasons why I'm out here, and I'm excited to serve.

Your missionary,

Elder Jacob Nissinen

PS, If Mom doesn't respond soon, can you ask her what size I am for a haircut? I'm getting mine for the first time this afternoon. Thank you!! 

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