Elder Nissinen

Elder Nissinen

Friday, August 30, 2013

Letter to "B"

Hey, B

  How's it going Bro?  Are you excited to not be an underclassman anymore?  Hight school gets better and better every year, and you'll have so much fun as you get closer to graduate.  Have you been on any dates recently?:)  Thank you for your letters!!!  I keep everyone's letters in a box that I'll take with me everywhere on my mission.  I just wanted to tell you that I know you're an AWESOME Big brother.  A lot of people, family, and friends look up to you and you are gonna do great things as you get closer and closer to serving your mission.  Before long you'll be sitting on your bed at the MTC writing letters back home too!!!:)

Always be worthy of the spirit and B... GO ON A MISSION.  The last thing Satan wants you to do is to be a missionary, so always be on your guard.  Especially in the next year or two you'll be tempted a lot!!!  But I promise you that if you study the scriptures, pray for help, and read you patriarchal blessing, you'll be immensely blessed and ready to serve here.  Keep on working hard, having fun, and being and example to all.  Always remember who you are, what you stand for , and how much I and the rest of your family loves you.  YOU'RE AND AWESOME B- keep up the work!

                                      Thanks for your prayers and thoughts!
                                           Your brother and friend always-
                                                 Elder Nissinen

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