Elder Nissinen

Elder Nissinen

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Jacob's first letter from the MTC!!!

Dear family,                                                                                               Thursday 9/15/13

     The MTC here is awesome! I've been busy since I first got here, but the work is amazing. After a quick lunch (which I didn't eat much because of nerves), I met my host missionary. I got my name badge, and he led me to my residence in the Dave Jones building. I got some booklets, Preach My Gospels in Portuguese, and guess what, a Seychelles water filter! I guess I can always use a spare.
     I then went to my teacher, Sister H  to meet my district and the others. We started doing some basic Portuguese get-to-know-you questions and answers, and I blew through those no problem. I think in the next couple of days my companion and I will actually be teaching a real lesson in Portuguese! It's scary to think, but the older elders tell me that you learn it really quick here.
     We then went to a huge auditorium where the MTC presidency talked to us and hundreds of other missionaries. It was like a mini-sacrament without the sacrament. Dinner was awesome (chicken-fried steak), but there was one problem. I didn't have my companion.
     Back in the classroom where I met my teacher, we were assigned companions right there. But mine didn't show up. So I hung around with another companionship past dinner. After dinner we went back to our rooms to start unpacking, when my companion came in with his luggage and host. I didn't care who it was, I was just glad to finally have a companion!
     His name is Elder H, and he's from Alabama! He's 19, about half a head taller than I am, and he's pretty much like an older brother. I can tell he's already got a strong testimony of the gospel and he's excited to share it. We get along great.
     Overall, the MTC is like a huge EFY, Boy Scout camp, and missionary work all rolled into one. All of the older elders are always welcoming the younger ones, and when somebody yells "Elder!" everyone looks. I don't think I'm used to calling myself or other people Elder yet, but it'll stick after a while. Also, the MTC is huge! And there's so much to do. I just barely finished unpacking last night. There's me, Elder H, and another companionship Elder J and Elder V in our residence, and it's all pretty cool here.
     Anyways, I just wanted to write you and tell you that all is well, and it's the start of the best two years. I love and miss you all so much, and I pray for your comfort and safety. Thank you for everything that you do for me. I love you!
     Your son and brother, Elder Nissinen

P.S: I'll put more details in my emails if you want. I can type faster than I can write. My P-days are on Fridays, so I'll be able to email you on the 23rd. I hope everyone is doing well and I love you! I'll email you soon.


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